Coastline Paradise

by Brett McCrady

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Na, na, na, na-na (x4) Regular Billie Jean Owning the scene Bit of a drama queen Tall, tanned and lean Doesn’t debate the fame Rigging the game Everyone knows the dame Or so they claim (Chorus) On a sunny day, she is all the rage Acts like the world is her stage Hair in her face, she could look better how? Forgive and erase, you’d better go get her now You oughta know, this girl She runs the show, oh, oh, oh-oh Show, oh, oh, oh-oh Na, na, na, na-na (x2) Guys come up and flirt It doesn’t work Makes ‘em go berserk ‘Cause they’re far from dirt It’s simply in her style In her smile Sets their hearts afire With wild desire, hey (Chorus) She knows she has it all Picks up before the call Oh, oh. Teases with her lips Tempts you with a kiss Oh, oh. Man, she has it down You’ll get sucked in and drown Oh, oh. There’s just no helping it She knows she’s the sh*t Oh, oh (Chorus x2)
Do you want me like I want you? ‘Cause your eyes tell me that you do. You caught me staring cross the room, But, girl, I caught you looking too. Far from a smooth operator My lines could be better But, I know what I saw In you was far from dated Sweet, sophisticated The sketch my mind had drawn You’ve got the whole persona Hips from Barcelona, hot like Arizona Can’t help being honest But, I can be a gentleman Hold the door to let your cool breeze in Magnetic, I can’t resist (Pre-chorus) If you want, I’ll commit And we can keep it a secret No one has to know So, be my undercover lover Baby, don’t you wanna Take my hand and go, oh! (Chorus) Do you want me like I want you? Cause your eyes tell me that you do. You caught me staring cross the room, But girl I caught you looking too. There’s nothing more you need to say You said it glancing cross the way Just tell me girl if it is true Do you want me like I want you? Sing sha, la-da-da, la-da-da, la-da-da Sha, la-da-da, la-da-da, la-da-da. So, I whip out my moves, no not Jagger More a lackadaisical swagger Tends to be hit and miss Pulled by gravitation Leave an open invitation Though what I want is a kiss (Pre-chorus) (Chorus) Throw them words Out the door On the verge Of translating it all on the floor Peel off the mask We’re moving too fast But, we can’t ignore, no (x2) That there’s nothing more we need to say We said it glancing cross the way And now we’ll see if it is true Do you want me like I want you?
Straight through your ears And out of your head All my words could just be left unsaid It’s all in a look No farewell, no goodbye But, my heart took one last reminder of how (Pre-chorus) I never could quit you You’ve tangled me all through A slow degradation, oh, how long it’s been How long since those blue eyes Blinkin’ like fireflies Through the meadow of my heart, and… (Chorus) I can’t turn my back and look away ‘Cause ignoring the pain just makes it stay If I look at you then I’ll believe You shouldn’t leave my side You’ve got me in knots forever tied. Forever tied… The game’s puppeteer You’re in control You’d give word and then there I would go But, I put up a wall This protection won’t fall Still I can’t help but remember how (Pre-chorus) (Chorus) (Bridge) I don’t want it to end like this Waving goodbye, seal it off with a kiss On the cheek, maybe the last time we meet By my calculation, given what we’re saying (x2) Still… (Chorus) (x2)
There ain’t no use in telling me That things aren’t how they’re supposed to be ‘Cause I know And I resent that fact. Interlacing smiles with tears While forgetting all that I held dear Has never been so hard With the strength that I lack. (Pre-chorus) And this piercing cold cuts straight to the bone But, I stop to reflect here on my own And it’s nice to have some clarity After all this insincerity That left me bitter and alone. (Chorus) ‘Cause it’s one word against another, thrown into a gutter, Then mixed around ‘til there’s no sense. There ain’t nothing to decipher, life goes by without her Though it’s seen through a different lens. Where the colour seems all faded, and I’m a little jaded But I know it won’t be too long Before I take a step aside, and get on with my life Almost as though there was nothing ever wrong. Nothing ever wrong, oh Almost like, but not quite. Well, it hurts, it burns, it pollutes my soul With an emptiness that’s so profound it can’t be controlled But, on the surface, you couldn’t even tell Just what it is that’s going on in my head Cause how you led me with abandon and then left me for dead Had me on my knees, - I didn’t take it so well. (Pre-chorus) (Chorus) (Outro) Oh, no, oh, nothing ever wrong (x2)
Well, here we go again, - you say you’ll be a friend Well, maybe I could pretend, but I’m not feeling that. Not saying it was you, but a combination of the two All I’m saying is it could have been better. And I’m not even feeling down, down at all In fact I’ve turned up my nose at your picture on my wall. And I don’t mind your face or even your embrace But I’d be lying if I stuck with you. (Chorus) It’s all right; I can fight on my lonesome I don’t care how you fare cause I got none Of my patience left for you So up and leave, I believe I will do just fine Just take a walk on your own and soon you will find A hole left by your side, while I’m singing out: (Post-Chorus) Oh oh oh… Reasons why go on and on Oh oh oh… So baby, I’m gone. My friends say “about time”, - they said they liked you they lied You were just too high-class-snob for them And now I see their point, with each and every retort That you send my way, hey! Frankly, I like being lazy; I’m no Patrick Swayze I’m a low-key crazy when I want to be So, I’m going out tonight; riding solo will be nice Just another reminder that I don’t need you. (Chorus) (Post-Chorus) Oh oh oh… I won’t pick up the telephone Oh oh oh… So, hang up before the tone Oh oh oh… Reasons why go on and on Oh oh oh… So baby, I’m gone (A Capella Out)
(La-da-da-da…) So it unfolds, A new story to be told, And I hope I’ll be there to hear I’m lying awake, Waiting for dawn yet to break, No escaping, - lost in my fear. And it’s eating away, With each and every day, That’s spent far away from your arms. A warm, sweet embrace, In a happier place, Would be welcome; I wish to disarm. (Pre-Chorus) As I’m falling away In a mournful decay Shadows of dreams crowd my mind. I sweep them under the mat And I try to get back A clean healthy image of home. (Chorus) Oh, it’s a long hard road, but, I appreciate the more What it is that we’re fighting for. So, I stand; proud and tall For the ones that I love, I will never fall. My memories are keeping me strong; Though this isn’t where I belong I will soldier on. (La-da-da-da…) Under one sun It’s a beautiful one But, it’s clouded and too dark to see Without your beautiful face Your smell and your taste In a world where it’s hard to breathe (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) (Instrumental) (Chorus) (La-da-da-da…) Oh, my memories are keeping me strong; Though this isn’t where I belong, I will soldier on.
Keep looking forward, don’t look back All this stress is bound to give me a heart attack You insist you’re moving on While I’m left wondering what I said that was wrong You say you’re never coming back, never coming back Cause of all the things I lack, never coming back, well, I just can’t make sense of it, no no But… (Chorus) None of our words Say anything new They’re just rearranged Across a different tune Well, I want some deviation from altercation Cause right now I’m in line for vacation You’ve got some issues I’ve got some flaws I’m gonna miss you But, let’s just push pause Oh, la-da-da-da-da-da-da Push Pause So, I keep on a-lookin’ forward and, in fact It’s been a fear of progress that’s held me back When I thought that these girls, they had nothing on you I’d been looking for an exit that came into view Now that I am so through with the thought of you, And… (Chorus) (Bridge) In my mind there’s the blueprint of the man I should be And, unfortunately, it just doesn’t coincide with this me Starting today, I’m sailing away from all these concepts of What I need, the life I lead, - it’s all gone. La-da-da-da-da-da-da I’ll push pause. (Chorus)
This might not be how we planned it, but, The time came, all the same, mostly due to luck. Now we’re here, no trace of fear, sitting on the ledge Dangling feet caress the scene spread out below. I pledge this time Cause my love’s a bottom line And I swear it’s true There’s no one who’s quite like you (Chorus) Don’t look away now, I can’t say how We have come so far But, we can’t fade out, blend in the crowd As we are And I wouldn’t have it any other way I’d fall again for you any other day You by my side is a joyride that I can’t explain Or abbreviate; tip my hat to fate ‘Cause you sedate my pain You are all I need You are just what I need (Post-Chorus) Ooo, ooo, ooo… No time to waste, we’ll navigate All across the sky Back down to earth, we’ll race for first Baby, you and I There ain’t no reason to avoid the seasons With you by my side Trips and scrapes illuminate the tightrope And act as our guide Through dark And all that we need, we’ve got And I swear it’s true There’s no one who’s quite like you (Chorus / Post-Chorus) You are all I need You are just what I need You are all I need You are just what I need
Here we are, living it up, and this party’s jumpin’ Just another day in the life going party hoppin’ Looking cross the way and I happen to see A lovely pair of eyes looking back at me. So, I start to swim right on through the crowd ‘Cause the connection that we had left me with no doubt It wasn’t just a stroke of luck That hooked you and I up. Now… (Pre-Chorus) Girl, I’m looking for a dance with you And that’s all I’m really gonna wanna do Once my mind’s made up, there ain’t no going back No Baby girl, you’re so pretty when you move your hips The way you move your fingers slowly cross your lips Tells me you want it too, so I’ll mend what you lack Oh (Chorus) Now here we go We’re lighting it up as we dance by the shore And all we got Is this beautiful night, don’t need nothing more And all I know Is just like this night you are beautiful And all I see Are those beautiful eyes staring back at me La-n-da-n-da A girl without a single vice La-n-da-n-dah Just like this coastline paradise. I can see your body movin’, sugar, take a chance ‘Cause it feels like it could be more than a summer romance So don’t hold back, girl, show me all that you got. Put an arrow through my heart, girl you got me caught I’m not the type to fall in love, so that’s sayin’ a lot Now, let me pull you in close, cause now everyone knows Oh, that… (Pre-chorus / Chorus) (Musical Bridge / Chorus)
This here’s a casualty Cause she’s such a sight to see Especially once the sun goes down. I’ve got a fever Whenever I’m near her And I just dunno what to say. And I know she’s heard it A thousand times before But she is just so damn fine. And I know Once I catch her eye I’ll forget all my lines. (Chorus) ‘Cause when you look at me that way I’m on a ride for days It’s a feeling I just can’t convey. I try to tell a joke But, all I do is choke On every single word I say. Maybe I’ll admit defeat Don’t want you to know that you’ve got me beat; I try to heal my injury But I’m mortally wounded, a casualty. So I walk over to the girl, Then I tapped her on the shoulder Looked her in the eyes And then this is what I told her: I said, “You’re the queen of the world, I’m only a typical guy, I’m just an average Joe No, I ain’t no Romeo I’m a work-in-progress, if you put the time in I will treat you right, Yeah, I will be a gentleman … Maybe that sounded a bit better in my head, - Guess I should’ve used one of those pickup lines instead. (Chorus) I just dunno why, it’s like she doesn’t even try. She’s just got it all, whenever she calls, I can’t help but fall. (Rap) (Chorus)
Heading down this one-way street I don’t know if our paths will meet But, I’ll keep my fingers crossed For a little sunshine in this pouring rain Oh, I’ll drive straight on and back again If it means I’ll have you by my side I know it might be too much to ask But I want to make this feeling last, so… (Chorus) Let’s drive, drive away from here Down along this road I’ll steer I’ll just keep my hands on the wheel And drive, the sky above is clear I don’t know if this road ends near But, I’ll keep my hands on the wheel And drive. Ah, ah, ah…. We’ll look at all the scenery But, more importantly you are here with me And I hope that’ll never change So, let’s go, - switch lanes and head to the shore I’ll give you all you want you’ll never ask for more The coast stretches miles and miles So, we might be gone for a while But I’ve got no problem with that Let’s just treasure this moment before it’s passed, yeah, (Chorus) Down this road, there’s stories yet untold We’re here to break the mold And write them for ourselves So, take those worries off your chest And relieve yourself of stress For we begin anew, starting now (Chorus)
Been too long, You’ve grown Into your skin Posture strong, Your bones Hold beauty within And out, All about you An aura glows Without a sound, You confound me And end my woes (Chorus) I’ll fall in your arms today While the current sweeps us through the bay Grant one last favour and act as my savior Here, we lay our anchor Here, we lay our anchor Here, we lay our anchor Na, na na… Turn of fate, Less weight On your shoulders now The price is paid Our hearts we trade And entangle round Each other Discover What we thought we knew In retrospect We hadn’t yet Really sifted through So… (Chorus) We set the sails Upon salty air Steering to the shore Etching a trail For us as a pair Carved forevermore (Chorus x2)


'Coastline Paradise' is my debut album featuring 12 original tracks with beachside, feel-good pop flavour.

Contact Email:


released August 27, 2013

Producer: Henri Brown
Mixed/Mastered By: Carlos Arias
Keyboards: Steve Soucy
Drums: Aaron Anderson/Daniel Adair
Bass: Henri Brown, Carlos Arias
Backing Vocals: Alyssa Gutierrez, Carlos Arias, Henri Brown


all rights reserved



Brett McCrady Calgary, Alberta

BRETT McCRADY combines catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics to make the world seem a little brighter. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter is located in Calgary, Alberta.

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